The Story of is a brand that was established by a consultancy for the Food and Beverages (F&B) Industry, Maxima Logistics Pte Ltd. The consultancy, discovered in October 2018, has been working with many restaurants to bring them to greater heights and improve businesses through forms of marketing, business operations analysis, and their ongoing passion-project powerhouse, Our Food Channel, the largest database for restaurants and eateries in Singapore.


In order to further empower these businesses and those of the future, the consultancy recognised the importance to become a sturdier, smarter bridge for both consumer and restaurant. They recognised the importance of restaurants to be able to efficiently serve every customer on-location and off-location, and have every individual enjoy their food wherever they want, whenever they want. With Maxima Logistics Pte Ltd’s vision in bringing the restaurants closer to the customers regardless of location, was born.




Restaurants Then and the Changing Habits of Consumers


In Maxima Logistics Pte Ltd’s mission to be a springboard and platform for restaurant businesses, they noticed that food delivery was becoming more integral and important to the lives of everyone in the developed world.


This new ecosystem of humanity’s journey to their everyday meals have, no doubt, disrupted the traditional way of how food should be served by the restaurants – it has become important for restaurants to be able to serve their food to the doorsteps of their customers.


Taking into consideration recent innovations for most delivery platforms currently in the market to only be able to deliver foods to consumers at a limited distance with the consumer as a central reference point, the consultancy recognised the huge gap and current limitations in the market for hungry customers to be able to experience their favourite dining right at their doorstep.






In order to bridge this gap, Maxima Logistics Pte Ltd has set forth to disrupt current ways of food delivery with a new perspective while holding the same spirit of technological innovations from the current market – islandwide delivery for everyone, for all willing restaurants.


As the central coordinator for delivery of these restaurants, the consultancy can bridge this gap in collaboration with external delivery agencies while partnering closely with restaurants to see their deliveries through. All that is needed now is for restaurants to agree to extend their arm and partner with Maxima Logistics Pte Ltd to reach customers outside of the limitations of current food-delivery platforms.




Restaurants Today


With the birth of, the go-to islandwide delivery platform, the sole mission is to bring restaurants closer to hungry customers and transform the status quo for how people would order food today. With their marketing and business operations analytics expertise, Blackwing Creatives Pte Ltd will be able to constantly help restaurants expand and improve their services. Additionally, using Our Food Channel as the platform for further restaurant features and advertising, will serve as an extension of the spirit of the consultancy: to have a wide range of restaurants for customers to order from and, at the same time, optimise the cost and timing of delivery to increase profile and profits for restaurants in due time.




The time is now to enjoy the food you want, when you want it, wherever you want it!